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FLASHCARDS - Irregular Verbs

Welcome to this new feature on our website which allows you to master all English Irregular Verbs. This is not only an exercise in learning and remembering the irregular parts of any given verb but also one which will enable you to learn new vocabulary, of which you will find many verbs which are not familiar to you!


Each set of Flashcards contains 20 verbs. We suggest that you shuffle (mischiare) the cards each time you do them and that you keep trying until you make no mistakes. To see the answer click anywhere on the flashcard. On the reverse side of each card you will see the Audio icon. Click on this if you wish to hear the pronunciation

Set 2.png
Set 3.png
Set 4.png
Set 5.png
Set 6.png
Set 7.png
Set 8.png
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